Methylcobalamin 500 Mcg, Gabapentin 300mg






Methylcobalamin 500 Mcg, Gabapentin 300mg

Uses of Methylcobalamin 500 Mcg, Gabapentin 300mg

Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin is used in the treatment of neuropathic pain.

How Methylcobalamin 500 Mcg, Gabapentin 300mg Works

Gabapentin + Methylcobalamin is a combination of two medicines: Gabapentin and Methylcobalamin. Gabapentin is an alpha 2 delta ligand which decreases pain by modulating calcium channel activity of the nerve cells. Methylcobalamin is a form of vitamin B which helps in the production of myelin, a substance that protects nerve fibers and rejuvenates damaged nerve cells. Together, they relieve neuropathic pain (pain from damaged nerves).

Side Effects of Methylcobalamin 500 Mcg, Gabapentin 300mg

Dizziness, Sleepiness, Tiredness, Uncoordinated body movements

FAQs related to Methylcobalamin 500 Mcg, Gabapentin 300mg

Question: What is Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin?

Answer: Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin is a combination of two medicines: Gabapentin and Methylcobalamin. This medication is useful in the treatment of pain due to nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy). This medication works by regenerating damaged nerves in the body and decreasing the pain sensation.

Question: What is peripheral neuropathy?

Answer: The nerves in the periphery of your body, such as the nerves in your toes and fingertip are called peripheral nerves and any damage to one or more of these nerves is called peripheral neuropathy. These nerves carry messages to/from the brain and spinal cord from/to the rest of the body. A damage caused to these nerves stops them from functioning properly and the messages traveling between your central and peripheral nervous system get disrupted.

Question: Can I stop taking Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin when my pain is relieved?

Answer: No, take Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin for the full prescribed length of time. Your symptoms may improve before the nerves are completely regenerated and healed.

Question: Can the use of Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin cause sleepiness?

Answer: Yes, the most common side effect of Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin is sleepiness. Do not drive, operate heavy machinery or engage in other activities that need your full attention. Do not drink alcohol while taking Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin as it can lead to severe sleepiness , causing falls or accidents.

Question: Can I take a higher than the recommended dose of this medicine?

Answer: No, taking a higher than the recommended dose of Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin can lead to increased chances of side effects and toxicity. If you are experiencing increased severity of your symptoms that are not relieved by the recommended doses, please consult your doctor for re-evaluation.

Question: What is the recommended storage condition for the Gabapentin+Methylcobalamin?

Answer: Keep this medicine in the container or the pack it came in, tightly closed. Store it according to the instructions mentioned on the pack or label. Dispose of the unused medicine. Make sure it is not consumed by pets, children and other people.

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