Permethrin 5% Lotion






Permethrin 5% Lotion

Uses of Permethrin 5% Lotion


How Permethrin 5% Lotion Works

Permith 5% Lotion is an antiparasitic medication. It works by killing the tiny insects (mites) and their eggs, which cause scabies. It also kills head lice which attach to your scalp and irritate it.

Side Effects of Permethrin 5% Lotion

Stinging sensation Rash Itching Erythema (skin redness) Burning sensation Numbness Tingling

FAQs related to Permethrin 5% Lotion

What should I do if I forget to use Permith 5% Lotion?

If you forget to use Permith 5% Lotion, do not worry and continue using Permith 5% Lotion as soon as you remember. However, if you are not sure and have any other doubts, please consult your doctor.

Can I stop using Permith 5% Lotion when I feel better?

No, do not stop using Permith 5% Lotion without consulting your doctor even if you are feeling better. Your symptoms may improve before the infection is completely cured. Therefore, for better and complete treatment, it is advised to continue your treatment for the prescribed duration.

Is Permith 5% Lotion safe?

Permith 5% Lotion is safe if used in the dose and duration advised by your doctor. Use it exactly as directed by the doctor to get the most benefit. Follow your doctors instructions carefully and let your doctor know if any of the side effects bother you.

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