Pregabalin 50 Mg Cap






Pregabalin 50 Mg Cap

Uses of Pregabalin 50 Mg Cap

Pregabalin is used in the treatment of neuropathic pain, Epilepsy/Seizures and Fibromyalgia.

How Pregabalin 50 Mg Cap Works

Pregabalin is an antiepileptic medication. When given for epilepsy, it is believed to work by reducing the abnormal electrical activity in the brain, thus preventing seizures. It is also used to treat nerve pain where it blocks pain by interfering with pain signals travelling through the damaged nerves and the brain. For treatment of anxiety, it is believed to work by stopping the release of certain chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) that make you feel anxious.

Side Effects of Pregabalin 50 Mg Cap

Blurred vision, Dizziness, Dryness in mouth, Sleepiness, Weight gain, Peripheral edema

FAQs related to Pregabalin 50 Mg Cap

What is Pregabalin and what is it used for?

Pregabalin belongs to the anticonvulsants class of medicines. It is used to treat seizures. It is also helpful in treating nerve pain (neuropathic pain) which could be due to diabetes, shingles, or injury. It is also used in fibromyalgia (a long-lasting condition that may cause pain, tiredness, muscle stiffness and tenderness as well as difficulty falling or staying asleep. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe this medicine for the treatment of anxiety.

Pregabalin has varied roles. Does it work in the same way for each disease?

No, Pregabalin works in different ways for different diseases. In epilepsy, it stops seizures by reducing the abnormal electrical activity in the brain. In chronic pain, it blocks pain messages travelling from brain to spine.

I have been prescribed Pregabalin for pain due to shingles. When can I expect relief from pain?

It may take a few weeks to see full benefits while taking Pregabalin. However, people have experienced relief from pain after a week of starting Pregabalin.

How long do I need to take Pregabalin?

Duration for the use of Pregabalin depends on the condition for which you are taking this medicine. If you are taking it for epilepsy, and it is effectively helping you then, you may have to continue it for years. If you are taking it for neuropathic or fibromyalgia pain, it is likely that once your symptoms improve you will have to continue taking it for several months. This will ensure that the problem does not come back. It is advised not to stop taking this medicine without consulting your doctor.

Is it necessary to continue taking Pregabalin even if I feel fine?

Yes, you should not stop taking Pregabalin even if you feel fine. If you are taking it for epilepsy and stop its consumption suddenly, you may have seizures that will not stop. Stopping it suddenly may result in withdrawal symptoms and you may experience anxiety, difficulty in sleeping, feeling sick, pain and sweating. These can be prevented if the dose of Pregabalin is reduced gradually.

. Is Pregabalin addictive?

Addiction to Pregabalin is more common in people who take it for unauthorized reasons. Taking Pregabalin more than the recommended doses or taking it for long periods of time may also cause addiction. In addition to that, any person who has a history of drug abuse should never use Pregabalin. In case you feel you are becoming physically dependent on Pregabalin, inform your doctor immediately.

Can I take Diazepam and Pregabalin together?

Yes, Pregabalin and Diazepam can be used together. But, there might be a chance of increased side effects since both these medicines act on the brain to depress excessive activity.

Can the use of Pregabalin cause weight gain?

Yes, Pregabalin may cause weight gain because it increases your hunger. Regular physical exercise and a balanced diet with low-calorie food may help you keep your weight stable. Consult a dietician if you have any further concerns to keep your weight stable.

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